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Enhancing the client experience through social media, such as Facebook, is critical to your brand and can add much value to your business.

Have you heard of Facebook Wi-Fi? This prompts your guests/clients to check-in and like your Facebook page in order to access your free wi-fi! This is a win-win and you can even ask for a review of your business to catapult your brand awareness. This seems like an effective marketing strategy that benefits brick and mortar businesses and allows them an opportunity to engage with their FB community.


There are a few things to keep in mind to fully reap the benefits of this technology. Having a lively social media presence and a cohesive visual representation of your brand are 2 key components to successful social media marketing. Following the 3 steps below can be a game changer as you focus on brand awareness, growth/goals and results.


Does your business have a solid brand identity? If you are just getting started, do you at least have a professional logo and the correct files formats for social media use? Stretched and fuzzy logos do not convey a quality message. Many times clients will use online images for social media without realizing it is often copyright infringement. We understand that using best practices for your business marketing can feel daunting and we are here for creative support. Need help? We would love to set you up for success with your branding essentials.


Now that you have your brand identity in place, you are ready to take action! We have all heard many quotes about the importance of having a plan. Alan Lakein says “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” And in most cases that is absolutely true. Following through is not possible if you don’t set goals and obtaining these goals is not possible without a plan.

Research and write content for your Facebook audience. We recommend creating this in Google docs so you can add content at your leisure. It never fails to amaze me the ideas that come when getting my hair done or waiting in carpool. You can literally, open up a new document, type away and tidy up later. Or better yet, send to your team or creative partner (someone like us) to clean up and optimize for SEO.

Use a social media scheduler to stay organized. Create a calendar and schedule topics relevant to your business for certain days of the week. As entrepreneurs, we stay busy and keeping this piece as automated as possible is critical in actually following through and staying engaged with your audience. Platforms such as HootSuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social are a great way to get started.


Read the Facebook article and see if your current router is compatible with and supported by Facebook. If not, replace your router and follow the steps to configure. Once complete, you can continue to offer complimentary wi-fi AND receive a substantial growth in Facebook following for more opportunity to connect with your customers. https://www.facebook.com/business/facebook-wifi

Remember, a clear, branded and engaging experience is what will make the ultimate difference in response. Skipping to step 3 can ultimately be where the buck stops. There is no need to drive people to your social media if nothing is happening or if it is a complete visual disconnect from the first-hand experience. Follow the steps and enhance your level of service. This will breed value both internally and externally. Win-win!